Me & My Parent (2 1/2 year old program)
The Me and My Parent Class is designed as a learning program for the child and parent. Parents will observe and participate as their child experiences activities focused on communication, emotional, social, motor, perceptual and conceptual skills. Children between age 2 and 2 ½ are at a different developmental stage and therefore will not gain what the class is designed to give each child. There will be NO exceptions to the requirements of this class. The class meets one day a week on either Tuesday or Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:00 AM.
Requirements: The child must be at least 2 1/2 years old by September 1 (2 yrs. old by March 1). At least one PARENT or GRANDPARENT must accompany the child to class.

3 Year Old Class
Our 3 year old class is a great first step for time away from mom and dad. We learn to play with other children, experiment with learning, developing and socializing. Some of the units we use in the 3 year old curriculum are transportation, all about me, and the 5 senses. We have a father and grandfather night sharing our dinosaur unit, while our mothers and grandmothers are treated to a brunch. During our class time, we play, sing, make crafts, work on counting, learn colors, shapes and recognize letters. We learn what taking turns and sharing is all about. We have so many activities that encourage play and learning together!
Requirements: The child must be potty trained and 3 years old by September 1.

4 Year Old Class
The 4 year olds are also experiencing many different activities in preschool. This class has a combination of children going to kindergarten the following year as well as children continuing with preschool for one more year. Class units include life at the ranch, life in Alaska, and animal discovery. We also have a father and grandfather evening where we share our bug unit with our dads. We have bug songs, bug dances and even bug juice! Our moms and grandmothers come to share the special brunch. We concentrate on social interaction as well as learning how to write our name, letters and numbers. We understand that imagination and experimental play is a major part of 4 year old development, so there are many opportunities to learn through play in this class.
Requirements: The child must be 4 years old by September 30.

5 Year Old Class
The 5 year old class is the oldest class that Treehouse preschool offers.  All the children in this class will be going on to kindergarten the following year.   Learning for our 5 year olds takes place while sharing units on health and nutrition, pond life, space and life in Mexico; we even learn some Spanish.  Our parents also have special evenings, our dads and grandfathers come to see our Mexican night while the moms and grandmothers join in the brunch with the other moms.  During this class, the children are learning to play cooperatively with children so we offer opportunities to work and play together.  We work on our numbers, letters, colors and even letter sounds in our class.
Requirements: The child must b 5 by January 30 and had a year of preschool

Enrichment Class
The Enrichment Program is an additional opportunity for the children who are attending kindergarten the following year. This class provides an environment that will encourage learning through non-conventional techniques, hands-on opportunities and interactions with new experiences. The Enrichment class is offered as an ADDITION to our regular preschool program and is dedicated to expand children's critical and creative thinking. Since our 4 and 5 year old classes prepare them for kindergarten, this class is offered as an opportunity to expand their minds. This program takes place on Mondays in addition to our regular classes.
Requirements: Children must be entering kindergarten the following year AND turn 5 by the time they graduate the enrichment program.

A close relationship between home and preschool is important to enable the sharing of information about the development of the child and the programming being offered.  To help share this relationship we will incorporate the following:
“Meet the Teacher” Day for the parents and child in September, before the start of preschool.
Family Open House, in October, approximately one month after the start of preschool.
Monthly calendar given to the parents by the teacher outlining the month’s activities.
Monthly newsletter for the parents with general preschool information.
Mid-term Parent/Teacher Conference.
Teachers, Administrator and Board members are available to talk to you.


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